Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Benefits of Air Pillows for Shipping

There have been different materials being used to fill the void in packaging. One relatively newer option to talk about in this regard is the use of air pillows. The example of the use of air pillows has been set by Amazon. In comparison with the other types of packaging materials, air pillows are more environment-friendly. Moreover, the consumers do not need to deal with a bulk of packaging materials while unpacking.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important benefits of air pillows.

Product Protection
One of the great benefits of air pillows is that they offer great protection to the products from shocks and damages. These pillows brace the main items away from the walls, corners and edges of the box or container. On the other hand, bubble wrap and peanuts do not stop the main contents from moving in the box.

Impact to the product during transit is the main reason for the product to get damaged. These damages can cause extra costs and stress to the distribution process. If you frequently get your items damaged during shipping, you can go for the air pillows as a reliable packaging solution.

Cost reduction
Cost reduction is one of the main objectives of your business because it is the way you can enhance profit margin. With air pillows, you practically add no weight your shipment. Moreover, air pillows are usually filled on demand. It means that they take much lesser space in your warehouse.

Since these pillows come in different sizes and they do not require full inflation, you do not need to different kinds of materials to add extra layers of security to the package or shipment.

If you are dealing with the large production and you want to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your packaging process, you can go for the air pillows. As mentioned above, these pillows can be filled on demand. The process of filling of these pillows is efficient enough to save time during entire packaging process.

Ease of Use
These pillows are usually available in the form of rolls. Each roll is perforated between every two pillows in it. It also means that only required pillows are torn off from the roll and remaining rolls remain intact for future use.

These pillows are easy to handle not only for the distributors but also for the consumers. They can open the packaging without dealing with a lot of packaging materials. And it will be pretty easy for them to dispose these pillows.

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